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Monday, April 13, 2015


Hey guys! Happy Easter again! Like I told you in my last post, here we celebrated this past weekend. I honestly had such an amazing time these two days.
I took some time off from all the studying and stressing and got to relax and have fun with my family and friends. These photos here are from Sunday, when we went on a road trip. It's quite of a long drive to a tavern we go to this time every year and we get to spend the entire day at different places near the sea. So, what you see here are four different beaches and a lake near the beach. 
Going at the beach, especially during this time of the year is like therapy to me. Taking long walks, sitting on the cliffs and just breathing. Unfortunately living in a big city sometimes makes me feel like I can't breathe. Also, feeling the sun on my skin for a change was a great break from studying and staying inside all day. So, long story short, I got to recharge my batteries and feel happy for a little while^^
What did you guys do this weekend? Have you ever been at any of these places? Let me know in the comments below♥

Monday, March 23, 2015


Hello guys! How are you all? I hope your weekend went well. Mine was great because I had the chance to relax for a while and unwind, which we all know is hard to find. 
On Saturday morning I went at the beach with my bestie. Of course we didn't swim, with 15⁰C and less outside, but we had so much fun just hanging by the sea and feeling the sun on our skins. I know most people wouldn't call this an "adventure" but for us it was, especially when you're used to being inside everyday studying or walking in the city. 
Anyways, I decided to film some moments and I think they make a cute video. After all this blog is also about travelling!
I hope that you guys like what I did. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below♥

Monday, June 2, 2014


I love love love mood boards! It's so fun to express yourself with pictures and colors instead of words. I don't mind writing, since it's one of my favorite things to do, but I know it can get boring for the others. Plus, since a picture is worth a 1.000 words, you would need hours to read this. So, instead, I found some of my favorite photos that remind me of summer. Colors, flowers, sea, sun, cold drinks and much more. Enjoy!
source: Pinterest, We Heart it

Friday, April 18, 2014


Those of you who follow me on Instagram probably know that I went on a small trip to Nafplio last week. Just a small getaway to let off steam and have fun with friends. It was amazing! Nafplio was actually the first capital of Greece and, since it is so close to Athens, I've been there many times. But I love this place so much, I never get bored of it. It's a city near the sea, with cute little alleys and important history. Most of these photos were taken from the castle Palamidi, which has an amazing view of the entire city and the sea. As I've said before, I am deeply in love with the sea. I truly believe that us Greeks can't live away from the blue. It's in the sky, in the sea, in our flag, inside every single one of us. Did you know it's believed that the colors of the greek flag come from the blue of the sky and the sea and the white of the waves? I don't know if everyone here loves the sea as much as I do, but I know that if I never saw it again I would be miserable. I consider myself blessed I have the chance to live in such a wonderful country and visit all these amazing beautiful places. I may be a big-city girl to the bone, but I have our blue waters deep inside my heart. Enough with that, I'll just let you enjoy the beautiful city of Nafplio, hoping that one day you'll go visit it, if you haven't already.
What do you think of these photos? Have you ever been to Nafplio? Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.
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