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Saturday, January 3, 2015


Happy New Year everyone!!!
It's officially 2015 all over the world and I already feel better. I guess it's that feeling of the new beginnings and new chances to make things right. I hope you all had an awesome nye! 
I'm still sick, like I told you, so my big new year's kiss came from my mum(who is also sick). But, apart from the misses, the bad memories and the tears, there are plenty of things that made 2014 one to remember. I decided to put together a list of last year's 14 highlights for me. Let's see.
1. Starting my blog
I made my very first post in January (1 year anniversary coming soon) and I still can't believe all the amazing things that have happened because of my blog. If you know me, I happy with just writing here and sharing my thoughts with you, and everything else that's coming is welcome(: I'll elaborate more in a few days.
2. Friends
From making existing bonds stronger to having explosive new contacts in my life, this year has been big. Some people went from acquaintance to one of the closest friends, others invaded my life so unexpectedly and others just proved that they are there for me, even if we don't see each other that often. 
3. French
No, I'm not talking about kisses(although we had some of those too :$). I'm talking about the language. I've been taking french lessons since I was in kindergarten, and this year finally my efforts paid off. It was a real struggle and it required tons of hard work, but I got the final diploma and now I can officially teach French!
4. I'm a journalist!
I'm not just writing articles for my blog. Right now I'm also working with online magazines and websites, which is huge for someone aiming to work for a big fashion magazine one day. I would like to make a wish for Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and so many more, but I'm afraid you'll moque me. I'm still really young, and I'm shooting for the stars y'all!
5. Books
I know this might sound boring, but this year I read some incredible books. As a helpless bookworm I find books the best company, but I think that everyone can learn something while reading. I discovered so many different new worlds and I feel a lot richer. And, you see, this kind of gold nobody can take away from you.
6. Travel
I visited Crete for the first time and I absolutely loved it! I went to Nafplio and Paros too and I love these places, but I've been there before. Crete was a completely new experience, with breathtaking landscapes and such natural beauty. I'm a huge sucker for travelling anyways!
7. Makeup Skills
I always loved makeup, but all I knew a year ago was swiping eyeshadow on my lid and adding mascara. I started watching videos and tutorials and now I'm pleased to see that all my friends come to me to do their makeup. I guess I have an advantage since I was always into drawing and sketching, but still. My makeup collection is growing along with my skills and I'm so happy^^
8. Fashion Week
I went to fashion week twice this year with a press pass. It's obviously surreal to have access to all the shows and be able to sit at the front rows. The new designs, the models, the clothes...oh!
9. Fashion Crowd
Let's not forget all the wonderful people I met through my blog-mostly fellow bloggers-that are always willing to leave a sweet comment and send me messages. And stylists, makeup artists, designers, journalists...and I met some people in person who actually knew my blog!
10. Party
I didn't use to be a big party person, but this year I went to quite a lot and threw one myself. Now I'm definitely a party-party-party person :P. I sure want to go to some more in 2015. Let's hope that one of them will be at nye and I won't be sick again.
11. Sketch
In the beginning of the year, I had much more time to focus on doing one of the things I love. It's hard to believe in yourself, in your skills, sometimes. It's quite of an astonishment to see that you can recreate a beautiful sketch by a talented artist.
12. Tumblr
I was so happy when I saw my tumblr account grow so much in just one year. I got so many followers and it was so nice to realise that I actually have some fans and people who reblog almost every photo I post.
13. Collaborations
I can't describe my excitement when I got emails from some great people in the industry who wanted to work with me. I feel like it adds a special touch to each blog and kinda breaks the routine. I'm looking forward to many more collabs in 2015(fingers crossed).
14. Growth and maturity
I finally see right now that I've come a long way. I worked a lot on myself this past year and I'm happy that I let some things go and that some others don't matter to me anymore. It's hard to let things go, and especially if you are like me and you just don't start fights and stuff. But, I've learned a lot and I know now that, sometimes, it's for the best and you shouldn't let some things get to you. I have so many more things to improve this year!

What were your favorite things about 2014? I wanted to add music and films, but that's key every year. I don't know... let me know in the comments below.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Have a nice month everyone! I can't believe it's December already. It's just so insane cause it feels like yesterday I was at the beach. But then again, when I look back, I see all the things that have happened and all the ones that are left behind. December is one of my favorite months(because of Christmas duh!) but only the last 10 days since that's when the winter break starts here.
What is a more appropriate post than a December moodboard to get in the mood? I know, I got a little carried away, but honestly, every single picture in here is pure delight. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, after summer and my birthday. I love the lights, the decorations, the food, the music, the presents and the whole ambiance. 
I remember when I was a child, I wanted to sleep in the living room in front of the Christmas tree every single night. Frankly, I still do. Please excuse the cheesy lines and the Starbucks cups, I just thought that the pics were cute.
I can't wait to decorate my house, bake goodies with my mum, invite my friends over, exchange presents... I really hope that this year we will see some snow
Also, this is the season of love. If you have a special someone to spend the holidays with, then lucky you, but if you don't(single bells, single bells #samestory) you don't need to feel sad. Just remember to be kind to everyone and spread the love. Because when you send positive vibes, positive vibes come back to you
So, what have you guys planned for the holidays? Have you done any shopping yet? Let me know in the comments below!

Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer