Saturday, November 1, 2014


Queen of gold-Halloween 2014
Happy Halloween everyone! I know that technically it's over here since it's already November 1st(so have a nice month y'all ^^). But, we don't celebrate halloween here in Greece anyway. We have a similar holiday where everyone is dressing up and stuff around February though. But, I know that a lot of my readers are from the US, so I thought I should show you what my costume would be. I already made a post with an exclusive nail art tutorial where I collaborated with Julep, so you can check it out here in case you missed it.
About my costume now. I know that some people go for something really spooky and disgusting on Halloween, but this year I decided I wanted to do something a little more, well, me. I've been obsessed with gold these past few months, so this look is probably the perfect fit for me(plus I think that it would look amazing with my hair). 
This Oscar de la Renta gown is simply out of this world. A real work of art that belongs more to a museum than inside someone's closet. It's so gorgeous and mysterious and embraces all the golden accents without looking tacky. The shoes had to be Jimmy Choo, since he's one of the few that can make all that shiny material look chic and expensive.That mask from etsy gives that air of an old venetian ball to the look. The Versace earrings blend perfectly with the italian vibe of the costume somehow without being overwhelming. I think that the Trick-Treat Charlotte Olympia clutch was made for this look, and it kinda balances the whole gold thing. Gold nails by Guerlain and golden liner by Urban Decay and we are good to go!
I am absolutely in love with this outfit and I really wish I could afford it. All together the pieces cost almost 15.000€ which is beyond the limit of "out of reach". But, you know, weird things happen on Halloween, so maybe my fairy-god-mother will show and transform me into the Queen of Gold with her magic wand.
If not, consider this look as a tribute to the late Oscar de la Renta. May this incredibly talented man rest in peace.
What do you guys think of my Halloween look? What was your costume this year?
ps. this is a photo I made specially for the day(sorry) XD
[my real eyebrows and no false lashes jsut in case you were wondering]


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