Monday, February 24, 2014


?More or less? #3
You've probably realised by now how much I love finding more affordable solutions of the same outfit or product. Initially, this started as an attempt to find items myself that would be similar to the ones I saw online and costed too much. But then, I started to put together entire looks in order to help other women in the same place as me. I am determined to make everyone understand that money and style are not connected at all. Money is just a luxury that might give you a head-start, and of course we all love designer clothes! But, if you can't afford them it doesn't mean that you can't have style. To me style is something that's inside you, something you can cultivate but you can't buy!
In this set I made on Polyvore, I created a very relaxed yet chic outfit that you can easily wear for your everyday activities. The difference between the prices is huge(mostly because of the pendant) so I decided to add an inexpensive J.Crew shirt at the affordable set. Technically, it's a designer piece, but if you choose another cheaper shirt the price of the entire look is even lower! The entire second look actually costs less than every single product of the other look(except the shirt)! Kinda shocking isn't it?
Which one of the two outfits do you prefer? 
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  1. Well you found the perfect alternative, I even think the cheaper blue jumper looks better than the expensive version!
    Mafalda ❤

    1. almost everyone I know agrees with you XD
      xx Elena

  2. Very lovely selection dear, great!

  3. Love both versions of this outfit. B x

  4. Looks both great.


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