Friday, February 14, 2014


What if I told you that you can actually help someone by purchasing a bag? Thanks to Angela & Roi, you can! For every bag you buy, they donate a part of the money for a good cause. Instead of animal leather, they use high-quality vegan leather, offering you a fashionable, affordable "green" choice that won't make only you happy. Each cause links with a different color, making the whole process even more interesting and appealing. For example, white is for Lung Cancer.So, with every purchase of a white handbag, five dollars are donated to this cause.
I decided to make this post today for various reasons. First of all, February 14th is supposed to be the day of love, and there is no better way to give love than showing you actually care for the people around you. Because a disease like these ones is not just something that happens far away, to strangers. It can be anyone, a friend, a neighbour, a relative. Also, tomorrow is the International Childhood Cancer Day. It really makes me sad the fact that everyone remembers a commercial meaningless day(because as I mentioned yesterday, if you are in love you can celebrate all year long), and no one remembers the day right after it, that actually matters. If you want to learn more about Angela & Roi you can visit their website
Be positive, smile, give love and have a happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Hi Elena:

    I blogged about Angela & Roi several weeks ago. Their mission is wonderful.


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